Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

electromagnetic compatibilityElectromagnetic compatibility testing, commonly referred to as EMC immunity testing, has become an important part of product design all over the world. The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) issued mandatory directives regarding products to be marketed in the European Union (EU). This directive made it mandatory for electronic equipment which is to be sold in Europe meet certain EMC immunity criteria. Since types of equipment have varying needs of reliability, such as medical devices that monitor a patient’s vital signs compared to a home computer used for internet access, product specific standards have been written.

Furthermore, many countries around the world are starting to see the importance of the immunity standards as they apply to their needs. Routinely, countries apply the European standards for EMC immunity. China for example has made it apparent that by 2005 it will adopt 100% of the international standards that are prepared by the IEC, (International Electrotechnical Commission). So don’t be taken by suprise, call us when you need to apply the correct regulations for your equipment.

These standards and requirements are constantly evolving. Some changes to the standards may be relatively minor while other standards are completely re-written altogether. Keeping up with all these new regulations can be a difficult task for designers and manufacturers. EMC Testing can help you ensure your product meets the proper standards for EMC immunity. We constantly track the standard changes so you don’t have to. Applying the appropriate version standard is important. By applying the latest version standard to your equipment insures that your salability in the European market is as long as possible without the need for retesting and possible costly design changes to meet new requirements.

If necessary, EMC Testing can partner with Innovative Circuits of Corinth, MS to offer possible solutions and effective methods to bring your products into compliance with the legal limits of EMC immunity. Our engineers have years of hands on experience troubleshooting emission failures and many times can fix it on the spot. EMC Testing will do all the work necessary to meet and exceed your expectations! Contact us today.