Product Safety

Product SafetyAny profitable, responsible manufacturer ensure their products are safe for consumers. EMC Testing will perform a construction review and manual evaluation to ensure that equipment meets all requirements specified by product safety standards.

When the review is completed, EMC Testing will pre-test all products prior to submission to the respective certifying agency. As part of that process, we identify problems and suggest possible solutions. This initiative can help avoid costly time delays in paper work and the necessity of resubmission. During the certification process, we work closely with the certifying agency to ensure the agency is providing any necessary information and feedback as the project proceeds. Submitting the necessary reports, paper work and documentation in the proper format is essential to completing the safety certification in a timely and cost effective manner.

For equipment that needs to meet the safety requirements outlined in the Low Voltage Directive to obtain a CE mark, EMC will perform a construction review and manual evaluation in accordance with the equipments appropriate European standard and provide you with a written construction evaluation letter. We then fully test the equipment in accordance with the standard requirements. Upon successful testing results and response to the evaluation letter, we shall issue a formal test report for the product.

Most importantly, we continually advise the manufacturer as to the progress of the investigation from inception through to completion.

If necessary, EMC Testing can partner with Innovative Circuits of Corinth, MS to offer possible solutions and effective methods to bring your products into compliance with product safety requirements. Our engineers have years of hands on experience troubleshooting emission failures and many times can fix it on the spot. EMC Testing will do all the work necessary to meet and exceed your expectations! Contact us today.