Engineering Support

Engineering SupportEMC Testing is not merely a laboratory where you send products and get impersonal reports. We are uniquely built and organized to provide testing with the added value of intelligent, responsive engineering support. Our facility in Alpharetta, GA is state of the art and built with customer needs in mind. Our goal is to be recognized as a leader in the field in both testing quality and customer support.

We emphasize our customers’ needs to get products to market quicker and more efficiently. Should your product fail to comply with applicable standards, our engineers will troubleshoot the problems to reduce the amount of time it takes to meet compliance requirements. We have a wide array of various EMI suppression components, (filters, ferrites, shielding products, etc.) at our disposal to perform on the spot fixes. Furthermore, our CE marking evaluations are completed within two weeks after we receive the required material. Upon completion of our work, we will issue formal test reports and a Declaration of Conformity.

Most importantly, EMC Testing is now part of a larger family of companies with your manufacturing needs in mind. Our sister facility in Corinth, MS is Innovative Circuits. An ISO 9001:2008 registered facility, ICI provides contract manufacturing for a variety of applications, giving both EMC and ICI together over 100 years of engineering, testing, and manufacturing experience that can provide great results for your product. The engineering services we provide are second to none, and certainly more responsive than larger facilities with large bureaucracies.

EMC Testing will do all the work necessary to meet and exceed your expectations! Contact us today.