CE Marking

CE MarkingCE Marking is an important demonstration of safety for certain products that are sold within the European Economic Area. Since 1985, these standards have been required for products sold in, intend to be sold in, or manufactured in the EEA. EMC Testing is committed to ensuring your products meet EC directives in order to maintain the CE Marking as required.

To qualify, the manufacturer’s product must meet guidelines regarding emissions (EMI) and immunity (EMC), as well as meeting the safety standards outlined in the Low Voltage Directive. Sifting through EEA requirements and finding the product specific standards can be a major undertaking for manufacturers. EMC Testing can handle that burdensome task for you with ease. Regardless if you product is in the design phase or ready for a test, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with obtaining the CE Marking required to sell your product in the EEA.

If necessary, EMC Testing can partner with Innovative Circuits of Corinth, MS to offer possible solutions and effective methods to bring your products into compliance with product safety requirements. Our engineers have years of hands on experience troubleshooting emission failures and many times can fix it on the spot. EMC Testing will do all the work necessary to meet and exceed your expectations! Contact us today.